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5G Is More Than Fast! Qualcomm Firstly Displayed The Bandwidth of 28GHz Millimeter Wave 2017-04-11

5G technology, actively promoting 5G standard establishment, Qualcomm MWC presentation adopted 28GHz frequency 5G millimeter wave technology (Millimeter Wave), in the meanwhile working with Sony Ericsson to join China Mobile 5G Union Innovative Center. Steve Mollenkopf, Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm, mentioned 5G is the new technology of next generation and worth being considered in two aspects. One is Evolution of honeycomb standard, 5G means higher speed, lower time-delay, and brand new bandwidth. The other is from product perspectives, 5G is the evolution of 4G, for which it means only welll-experienced companies can succeed in the field with new system design and multi-module design ability(3G, 4G, 5G, and all other wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS). This is why SoC is so important in 5G period.


Durga Malladi, Vice President of Engineering Department of Qualcomm, thought that 5G is not only a mobile bandwidth concept but a system. It is about how each industry to achieve upgrade by utilizing wireless internet. High speed is the main characteristic of 5G which may up to 5-10Gbit/s, 100M standard averagely, extensive applying to tremendous Internet over Things (IoT), such as wear devices, even smart electrical meter, and parking meter; therefore, 5G is equipped with IoT concept. In addition, applying to functional applications, even though high speed internet is not the main demand, it has to be capable of stability and very low time-delay; for example, drone is one of the applications in need of characteristics of 5G.


Durga Malladi especially mentioned why Qualcomm displayed 5G based on the bandwidth of 28GHz. Mostly the working bandwidth of cellphone is at 2GHz, 2.6GHz or 3.5GHz; no honeycomb wireless internet was explored in the bandwidth of 28GHz because the signal is easily blocked at such a high bandwidth. When you turn to another direction, your head might be an obstacle to block the signal, which also affect the cellphone signal. Therefore, the challenge is at how to take advantage of the bandwidth and utilize it.

Durga Malladi said, Qualcomm provided solutions by taking advantage of beamforming and beam-tracing technology and etc. When base station is fixed and UE is in moving, beam will automatically trace according to its movement. This then makes sure the connection is under a stable situation in between. Furthermore, the advantage of using 28GHz bandwidth is to bring very high speed, every user can enjoy 5-10Gbps data speed. In the meanwhile, this bandwidth allows multiple users to be serviced at the same time, increasing internet throughput and service effectiveness. Qualcomm is suggested to realize this business service in 2020.


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